sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2013


Girls x Please share this leaves us niall , February 4 C all directioners in the world we will dress like one of the guys from 1D, right wrist and write # LSN Niall Lets Sing it means that the manager of the boys insists that Niall should not sing more in the band and only play the guitar , which is very unfair, all love Niall and I'm sure we will do for that day to climb TT Twitter with a picture of our doll the official account of the boys with the message that you want. Managers want to get Niall and say it is very likely that no longer on the upcoming tour. So let's put Niall From We Love One Direction , please Directioners 1D would not be the same without Niall . Pass this to all pages in one direction , messages on their wall , all of the world find directioners ! It would not be the same without our Irish is not fair niall should stay .
WHAT WE HAVE TO DO FOR NIALL " Qe would we do without our Irish : ? C

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